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How are you aware if grocery store own-brand merchandise reside as much as the branded ones? We reveal the right way to discover one of the best own-brand offers with out compromising on style.

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Maintaining with the value of meals as a pupil is tough. However, shopping for a great deal of branded merchandise in your weekly store will improve your meals invoice fairly considerably.

We have put our heads collectively to listing all the finest own-brand options to those branded objects, so you do not have to! On the finish of this, we have additionally famous down the costs to check all supermarkets towards the branded objects.

Costs have been right on the time of writing however might change. The costs of the own-brand merchandise have been from the supermarkets’ web sites. All branded merchandise costs have been from Tesco’s web site.

Greatest own-brand grocery store merchandise


These are one of the best grocery store own-brand offers:

  1. Tomato ketchup


    Tomato Ketchup

    Heinz Ketchup: £3.40, 460g (£0.74/100g)

    Generally, there’s nothing fairly like Heinz. Or is there?

    Priced fairly extremely at £3.40 for a 460g bottle, this may set you again. We have listed beneath the most cost effective choices from different supermarkets for his or her variations of own-brand tomato ketchup.

    You may truly get 5 bottles of Asda’s own-brand tomato ketchup (2.65kg value) for only one 460g bottle of Heinz! That is an enormous saving.

    Greatest Heinz Ketchup options

    • Asda personal model: £0.60, 530g (£0.11/100g)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.89, 650g (£0.14/100g)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.63, 460g (£0.14/100g)
    • Waitrose personal model: £0.85, 470g (£0.18/100g)
    • Tesco personal model: £1.00, 555g (£0.18/100g)
    • Morrisons personal model: £1.25, 450g (£0.28/100g).
  2. Mayonnaise


    Hellman's Mayonnaise

    Hellmann’s Actual Squeezy Mayonnaise: £2.65, 430ml (£0.62/100ml)

    We’re a fan of Hellmann’s. However, actually, we predict you may’t actually style an excessive amount of distinction between this and a grocery store’s own-brand model.

    It might be value shopping for Hellmann’s if it is on a particular deal or in Poundland, for instance, however at full worth, we predict you would be higher off going for one of many beneath as an alternative.

    Greatest Hellmann’s Mayonnaise options

    • Asda personal model: £0.72, 500ml (£0.14/100ml)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.85, 500ml (£0.17/100ml)
    • Morrisons personal model: £1.15, 450ml (£0.26/100ml)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £1.15, 450ml (£0.26/100ml)
    • Tesco personal model: £1.15, 450ml (£0.26/100ml)
    • Waitrose personal model: £1.60, 450ml (£0.36/100ml).
  3. Baked beans


    Heinz Beans

    Heinz Baked Beans: £1.40, 415g (£3.37/kg)

    There actually aren’t any beans like Heinz… however in case you’re a pupil on a price range, £1.40 a can simply is not reasonably priced.

    We have scoured the remainder of the supermarkets to search out the most cost effective comparable beans. Perhaps you may attempt all of them and discover your favorite?

    Aldi and Tesco’s own-brand baked beans have been each the identical worth on the time of writing. Though we could not see critiques for Aldi’s beans, Tesco’s had a reasonably good common rating of 4.1/5 once we checked. With this in thoughts, these are those we have linked to beneath.

    Greatest Heinz Baked Beans options

    • Asda personal model: £0.27, 410g (£0.66/kg)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.27, 400g (£0.68/kg)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.28, 420g (£0.67/kg)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.28, 420g (£0.67/kg)
    • Morrisons personal model: £0.49, 410g (£1.20/kg)
    • Waitrose personal model: £0.55, 400g (£1.38/kg).
  4. Flour


    Homepride flour

    Homepride Plain Flour: £1.65, 1kg (£1.65/kg)

    Does branded flour truly make a distinction in your bakes?

    We all the time purchase the most cost effective flour, because the elements on the again appear to be the identical. It may allow you to save a bit of cash when making pancakes together with your flat.

    Greatest Homepride Plain Flour options

    • Aldi personal model: £0.69, 1.5kg (£0.46/kg)
    • Asda personal model: £0.70, 1.5kg (£0.47/kg)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.80, 1.5kg (£0.53/kg)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.79, 1.5kg (£0.53/kg)
    • Waitrose personal model: £0.85, 1.5kg (£0.57/kg)
    • Morrisons personal model: £0.55, 500g (£1.10/kg).
  5. Chopped tomatoes


    Napolina chopped tomatoes

    Napolina Chopped Tomatoes: £1, 400g (£2.50/kg)

    We love a wealthy tomato sauce when making spaghetti bolognese. However does it actually matter in case your chopped tomatoes are branded or not?

    From expertise, we have discovered that utilizing a less expensive tin of chopped tomatoes does the trick while you add in a tablespoon of tomato puree for richness.

    Once we checked, Aldi, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all had own-brand chopped tomatoes out there for a similar worth. Asda’s had round 4/5 rankings on common, which was greater than Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s (we could not see critiques for Aldi’s), so we linked to this one beneath.

    Greatest Napolina Chopped Tomatoes options

    • Morrisons personal model: £0.32, 400g (£0.80/kg)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.35, 400g (£0.88/kg)
    • Asda personal model: £0.35, 400g (£0.88/kg)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.35, 400g (£0.88/kg)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.35, 400g (£0.88/kg)
    • Waitrose personal model: £0.65, 400g (£1.63/kg).
  6. Wheat biscuits cereal



    Weetabix Cereal: £3.25, 24 biscuits (£0.14/every)

    As a lot as we might wish to say that supermarkets’ own-brand variations of Weetabix are simply pretty much as good… we do not suppose they all the time match up.

    So, in case you’re an enormous Weetabix fan, the grocery store options may not reduce it for you.

    Nonetheless, Asda’s worth per biscuit makes it very tempting.

    Greatest Weetabix Cereal options

    • Asda personal model: £0.95, 24 biscuits (£0.04/every)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.95, 24 biscuits (£0.04/every)
    • Aldi personal model: £1.99, 36 biscuits (£0.06/every)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £1.33, 24 biscuits (£0.06/every)
    • Morrisons personal model: £3.29, 48 biscuits (£0.07/every)
    • Waitrose personal model: £1.95, 24 biscuits (£0.08/every).
  7. Squash


    Robinson's squash

    Robinsons Orange Squash: £2.00, 1L (£0.20/100ml)

    Squash is squash in our opinion. For those who’re eager to make a saving, it is value making an attempt a grocery store own-brand model.

    Figuring out at simply 5p per 100ml, Asda’s own-brand squash works out as less expensive than the branded product.

    Greatest Robinson’s Squash options

    • Asda personal model: £0.45, 750ml (£0.06/100ml)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.99, 1.5L (£0.07/100ml)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.50, 750ml (£0.07/100ml)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.50, 750ml (£0.07/100ml)
    • Morrisons personal model: £1.29, 1.5L (£0.09/100ml)
    • Waitrose personal model: £1.30, 1.5L (£0.09/100ml).
  8. Pasta sauce


    Dolmio sauce

    Dolmio Pasta Sauce: £2.50, 500g (£0.50/100g)

    Pasta sauce can all the time be made to style higher with some herbs, spices and salt. You may get almost 5 occasions as a lot of Asda’s own-brand pasta sauce for the worth of 1 Dolmio sauce.

    If you wish to make a tomato-based dish, we might counsel utilizing chopped tomatoes as an alternative for a cheaper meal.

    The own-brand bottles of pasta sauce at Aldi, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all work out as across the similar quantity per 100g. Nonetheless, as a more in-depth comparability when it comes to weight to the Dolmio pasta sauce, we have picked the Aldi model to hyperlink to beneath.

    Greatest Dolmio Pasta Sauce options

    • Aldi personal model: £0.47, 500g (£0.11/100g)
    • Asda personal model: £0.47, 440g (£0.11/100g)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.47, 440g (£0.11/100g)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.50, 440g (£0.11/100g)
    • Morrisons personal model: £1.09, 500g (£0.22/100g)
    • Waitrose personal model: £1.00, 340g (£0.29/100g).
  9. On the spot noodles


    Super Noodles

    Batchelor’s Tremendous Noodles Rooster: £1.00, 90g (£1.11/100g)

    Tremendous Noodles are a student-cupboard important. At simply £1, they are not too expensive but it surely’s good to notice that the grocery store’s own-brand variations can be found for lower than a 3rd of the worth.

    For this, it is best to style check and in addition assess what number of packets of Tremendous Noodles you eat in every week or a month. If heaps, think about a transfer to a less expensive personal model, like Aldi.

    Greatest Tremendous Noodles options

    • Aldi personal model: £0.35, 100g (£0.35/100g)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.35, 100g (£0.35/100g)
    • Asda personal model: £0.27, 65g (£0.42/100g)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.50, 90g (£0.56/100g)
    • Morrisons personal model: £0.55, 85g (£0.65/100g)
    • Waitrose personal model: N/A.
  10. Chocolate


    Cadbury's Dairy Milk

    Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolate: £1.35, 110g (£1.23/100g)

    It is exhausting to check any chocolate to Dairy Milk. Nonetheless, the worth does appear to be going up and up, making it much less reasonably priced for college kids to purchase on the common.

    For a fast sugar rush, it’s possible you’ll be higher off going for a less expensive grocery store model.

    Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco all offered own-brand chocolate for a similar worth once we checked. We could not see critiques for Aldi, however the merchandise at Asda and Morrisons had a really comparable total ranking (round 4.5/5).

    As Asda’s chocolate has the Rainforest Alliance seal, that is the one we have linked to beneath.

    Greatest Dairy Milk Chocolate options

    • Morrisons personal model: £0.36, 100g (£0.36/100g)
    • Asda personal model: £0.43, 100g (£0.36/100g)
    • Aldi personal model: £0.43, 100g (£0.43/100g)
    • Tesco personal model: £0.43, 100g (£0.43/100g)
    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £0.45, 100g (£0.45/100g)
    • Waitrose personal model: £1.80, 180g (£1.00/100g).
  11. Cheese


    Cathedral City mature cheddar

    Cathedral Metropolis Cheddar: £3.25, 350g (£0.93/100g)

    There’s something fairly good about having cheese on toast with Cathedral Metropolis.

    However, in case you’re seeking to reduce some pennies off your grocery store, it’s possible you’ll have to rethink. For instance, in case you selected Sainsbury’s personal model of cheese, you’d get nearly double the cheese for a similar worth.

    Greatest Cathedral Metropolis Cheese options

    • Sainsbury’s personal model: £3.20, 600g (£0.53/100g)
    • Aldi personal model: £2.79, 400g (£0.70/100g)
    • Asda personal model: £3, 400g (£0.75/100g)
    • Waitrose personal model: £2.75, 350g (£0.79/100g)
    • Tesco personal model: £3.40, 400g (£0.85/100g)
    • Morrisons personal model: £2.99, 350g (£0.85/100g).

Greatest grocery store personal model ranges


The entire for all branded objects got here to £23.45. Here is a comparability of the highest grocery store own-brand ranges:

  1. Asda’s personal model


    asda logo

    Amongst all those we in contrast, Asda was the least expensive grocery store, coming in at simply £8.21 for all the objects.

    It is not an ideal comparability because the weights/volumes of the merchandise differ barely from the branded variations.

    Nonetheless, as you may see from the comparisons of worth per weight/quantity of every merchandise listed above, you may get some nice financial savings by shopping for their own-brand merchandise.

    Their very own-brand vary typically has a few of the least expensive merchandise in comparison with different supermarkets and we have seen their objects get nice critiques.

  2. Tesco’s personal model


    tesco logo

    Tesco has some nice offers.

    For those who have been to purchase all the Tesco own-brand merchandise listed above, it will value you a complete of £9.68.

    The own-brand merchandise on their web site total had fairly good costs in comparison with the opposite supermarkets.

    And in case you’re purchasing at Tesco, look out for Clubcard Costs in case you can also make greater financial savings.

  3. Sainsbury’s personal model


    sainsbury's logo

    Sainsbury’s was the second least expensive, at £9.67 for all the necessities.

    On the entire, Sainsbury’s could be fairly an costly grocery store. However, we have seen that their own-brand ranges are sometimes fairly reasonably priced (particularly their cheddar cheese!).

    Equally to Tesco, see if any of your Sainsbury’s groceries could be purchased for much less with Nectar Costs.

    Clubcard Costs and Nectar Costs are two of the high loyalty card perks.
  4. Aldi’s personal model


    Aldi logo

    We have been very shocked to see Aldi not within the high 3 for worth when shopping for all of those cabinet necessities. It got here to a complete of £10.08 for all the merchandise.

    Once more, it is not an ideal comparability due to the variations in weight/quantity.

    For instance, a few of Aldi’s own-brand variations contained extra of the particular product, so that you may get an additional 50g maybe.

    And for some objects, Aldi’s own-brand objects did work out as one of the best worth for cash, so you may nonetheless lower your expenses there relying on what you purchase.

  5. Morrisons’ personal model


    Morrisons logo

    Morrisons actually shocked us! When all of their own-brand costs, the store got here out fairly costly, at £13.33.

    We’ll have to depart the style check to you… do you suppose it is value it?

  6. Waitrose’s personal model


    waitrose logo

    Waitrose’s own-brand vary, unsurprisingly, got here out as being probably the most costly shops for all the objects, costing £13.30 for many of the objects. We are saying ‘many of the objects’ as a result of the fee does not embody instantaneous noodles as they did not have an own-brand model.

    That is costlier than the opposite outlets, even with an merchandise lacking!

    Their very own-brand variations can nonetheless allow you to lower your expenses in comparison with shopping for branded merchandise. However, having mentioned that, you may spend much less in your weekly meals store by switching to a less expensive grocery store like Asda.

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